Running Update (May 2024)

This week starts the third phase of my training cycle. A race and a field event are on the calendar in the next four weeks.

This week starts the third phase of Jack Daniel’s “Red” fitness plan.

Phase two was rather uneventful, though I think when I go through this plan again on 6-days a week, I’ll incorporate my usual fourth-week down-week where I cut volume 75% every fourth week. I’ve been feeling a bit ragged lately and the down week is a welcome physical and mental break. I haven’t incorporated it yet because my running volume’s been so low, but I think I’m to the point of it being helpful.

I’m still strength training, which I think both contributes to my fatigued feeling and helps my running.

The next four weeks will look something like this:

  1. Monday: 10 minutes easy + 6 strides + 3 x 3 minutes H with 2 minute rests + 10 minutes easy
  2. Tuesday: 30 minutes easy + 6 strides
  3. Wednesday: 10 minutes easy + 15 minutes T + 10 minutes easy
  4. Friday: 30 minutes easy + 6 strides
  5. Saturday: 50 minutes easy

The additional day of running gives me enough volume for an extra rep on the H workout and more time at T pace on the T workout compared to the last time through this training plan.

I have a 3000m track race on May 21st and shot put either May 28 or June 4. These are both part of Atlanta Track Club’s Grand Prix series which I enjoy every year and is my only racing goal this year.

My current VDOT of 40.2 estimates my 3k time at 13:58, so that’s my target, but I hope to run it faster and increase my VDOT. I have no expectations for the shot put. It’s been a grand prix event for the past few years, and I do it, but it is a bit laughable. I feel like I’m giving it every bit of power I have and it plunks such a short distance away.