Cook the Book: Season

I’m cooking my way through Nik Sharma’s _Season_ cookbook.

Now that I’m six months into my cook through The Wok, I’ve decided to start another cookbook I received for Christmas, also: Nik Sharma’s Season.

I plan to continue cooking one recipe a week from The Wok and another recipe a week from Season. I won’t be able to cook straight through Season like I have with The Wok, because the structure of the book isn’t conducive to that, so my order will likely differ quite a bit from the order in the book.

Here are the recipes I have done so far:

  1. Ghee
  2. Margherita Naan Pizza
  3. Caprese Salad with Sweet Tamarind Dressing
  4. Hot Green Chutney-Roasted Chicken
  5. Hot Green Chutney
  6. Chickpea-Battered Fried Okra
  7. Kefir Crème Fraîche
  8. Spiced Maple-Broiled Peaches
  9. Curry Leaf Popcorn Chicken
  10. Watermelon-Elderflower Granita
  11. Raspberry-Shiso Sorbet
  12. Jaggery Ice Cream
  13. Garam Masala
  14. Spiced Meatloaf
  15. Shaved Brussels Sprouts with Poppy Seeds, Black Mustard, and Coconut Oil