Spiced Meatloaf

Thoughts on making Spiced Meatloaf from Nik Sharma’s _Season_ cookbook. Good! 4 stars!

Wednesday I made the Spiced Meatloaf recipe from Nik Sharma’s Season cookbook.

I was happy to be able to use more of the amchur purchased for the Chickpea-Battered Fried Okra and the muscovado sugar purchased for the Caprese Salad with Sweet Tamarind Dressing. The Spice Meatloaf also called for pomegranate molasses, which I had picked up at Whole Foods 365 knowing it’s used in some of these recipes as well as some recipes I have from Milk Street.

The recipe also calls for garam masala, and Sharma has a recipe for that as well, so I gave it a shot.

Otherwise the ingredients were items we are accustomed to buying.

I made two half loaves and kind of pushed them together to make a single meatloaf. One was as written, the other left out all the things my kids might fuss about: ginger, garam masala, mint, and parsley.

The meatloaf cooked fine. The recipe directs to cook at 400°F for an hour, cover with the glaze, and then cook for another 25–30 minutes until the meatloaf hits 170°F. My meatloaf was already at 170°F at the one-hour mark, so I just left it in for the 25 minutes so the glaze would caramelize some.

My wife and I thought the full-spiced version was good. She described it as “different, but good.” My son liked the lesser-spiced version except for the glaze (which was my favorite part). My daughter said that it was fine, but did not finish her portion. We don’t make meatloaf often, but this one will be in the running whenever we do.

I am cooking my way through Nik Sharma’s Season cookbook. Read more about it.