Slippery Egg with Beef

Thoughts on making Slippery Egg with Beef from J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s _The Wok_ cookbook. Better than Slippery Egg with Mushrooms, but still mixed ratings: 3–4 stars

This past week I made the Slippery Egg with Beef recipe from J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s The Wok cookbook.

The recipe is pretty much exactly the same as Slippery Egg with Mushrooms only with beef instead of mushrooms, so no new ingredients. I didn’t look for “thinly sliced beef…found at many Asian supermarkets,” opting instead for easy to find flank steak, which I thinly sliced as instructed and called for in multiple other beef recipes in the cookbook .

I stirred very slowly to create the egg ribbons this time and I think it worked much better.

When I made the Slippery Egg with Mushrooms in July, I made this note:

I look forward to trying the egg-ribboning again with the Slippery Egg with Beef dish, but I think both of these dishes would be more appealing in winter instead of the hot summer we’re in right now.

I think I was correct on that. I thought the dish worked better as a cold and/or rainy day comfort food, and the slight chewiness of the beef gave a better contrast than the mushrooms did. I’d give this 4 stars, “would make again.” My wife doesn’t care for the name “slippery egg” or the texture, so rated it 3 stars, “would eat again but would not request it.” My son picked the pieces of beef out to eat on their own and thought they were good. My daughter did not try it.

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