Slippery Egg with Mushrooms

Thoughts on cooking Slippery Egg with Mushrooms from Lopez-Alt’s The Wok cookbook. Not appetizing to look at, mixed reviews on the taste: 3.5 stars.

Tonight I made the Slippery Egg with Mushrooms recipe from J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s The Wok.

No new ingredients for this one. I opted for both the optional ginger and peas. The technique was new, though: at the end of cooking, lightly beaten eggs are drizzled into the sauce-heavy dish (already thickened with cornstarch) and then stirred “slowly…until the eggs form tender ribbons.” I don’t think I was all that successful at achieving “ribbons.”

The dish is then served over steamed rice.

The dish did not look appetizing, but I was expecting that from the pictures of the Slippery Egg with Beef recipe. I thought it tasted pretty good, though. My wife did not think the texture was appetizing either. My son said that he liked the taste but not the aftertaste. My daughter did not try it.

I look forward to trying the egg-ribboning again with the Slippery Egg with Beef dish, but I think both of these dishes would be more appealing in winter instead of the hot summer we’re in right now.

I am cooking my way through J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s The Wok cookbook. Read more about it.