Sliced Pork with Chives

Thoughts on cooking Sliced Pork with Chives from J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s _The Wok_ cookbook.

This week I moved out of the stir-fried chicken recipes and into the stir-fried pork recipes. First up: Sliced Pork with Chives.

The recipe is quite simple: a couple of varieties of chives, pork, and just a bit of aromatics and sauce. The chives called for are Chinese chives and yellow chives, with a note suggesting leeks, shallots, and/or yellow onions as possible substitutes. My awesome international farmer’s market had Chinese chives, but not yellow chives, so I substituted some on-hand shallots for those.

The dish came together easily, the bulk of the time spent slicing the pork loin. I am finding having a bowl on hand to move cooked ingredients out of the work into and cook in smaller batches very helpful in keeping the wok from getting overcrowded.

The kids both liked the pork and went back for seconds. My wife wanted some more flavor to it, so added some chili oil to hers. Like some of the previous recipes, I thought it had a delicate flavor, with pronounced white pepper coming through.

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