When I travelled to New Zealand, I had a fixed amount of money, about a month's worth,[foot]The rest of my savings had been spent on the working holiday visa and transportation.[/foot] to live on until I found work. I was fresh out of college, with a degree and a confidence to do anything I set my mind to. I pounded the pavement, I interviewed, I spoke with store owners, but nothing came of it. Just as the cash ran out,[foot]Truly, I would have been out of money at the end of that week.[/foot] I got a day's worth of work doing manual labor. That money would get me another two weeks. As that ran out, I got another day's worth of labor. Another two weeks. At the end of those two weeks I found full-time work. I felt that God was teaching me, “You have education and ambition, but I am sovereign, and, regardless of where you think your provision comes from, it comes from me.” And so, as I began looking to move from independent to full-time web development, I believed God was in control. I knew that He would provide, because that's what He does for His children.[foot]Matthew 6:25-34[/foot] I interviewed for a job I was particularly excited about at Emory. I didn't get that job, but I was one of three that made it to the in-person interviews. I left feeling validated in my work and my abilities. I interviewed for another job which was less than ideal, and, in the midst of that process, I received a call from the Goizueta Business School at Emory. The hiring manager from the first intervew had passed my information along and they wanted me to apply for a position there. Three rounds of interviews with them and I accepted a position that looks to be an even better fit than the first Emory position, and unfathomably better than the other job I was interviewing for. God is good. He can be trusted. He provides.