I've had a few conversations lately about podcasts and what podcasts I listen to. Most of them are web design and development related,[foot]And from the 5by5 podcast network.[/foot] but here they are:
  • This American Life

    The best radio program being broadcast. This American Life
  • Stuff You Should Know

    The main podcast for HowStuffWorks.com. Stuff You Should Know
  • The Big Web Show

    Jeffrey Zeldman and Dan Benjamin interview big names in the web development world. The Big Web Show
  • Build and Analyze

    Marco Arment, creator of Instapaper, talks loosely with Dan Benjamin about mobile development. Very loosely. Build and Analyze
  • Back to Work

    Merlin Mann talks with Dan Benjamin about the nature of work and how to do it better. Back to Work
  • Hypercritical

    Likely the geekiest of the podcasts I listen to, John Siracusa discusses the minutia of various tech related topics. Hypercritical
  • The Talk Show

    John Gruber[foot]of Daring Fireball.[/foot] talks about his usual topics. The Talk Show
  • ShopTalk

    A new podcast from Chris Coyier[foot]of CSS Tricks, which I highly recommend for its well written and accessible content.[/foot] and Dave Rupert. Focusing on front-end web development, it has special guests and a question/answer format. ShopTalk
  • The Critical Path

    This one is generally over my head. I listen to it when I've caught up on the rest of my podcasts. I also can't get Christopher Walken out of my head while listening to Horace Dedieu discuss the mobile market. The Critical Path