Coffeeneuring 2023 Retrospective

A little summary post about my Coffeeneuring 2023 experience.

Coffeeneuring 2023 is over now, so I thought I’d write up a little summary. If you’re unfamiliar (as I was prior to this year), Coffeeneuring is a challenge to bike to drink coffee 7 times over 6 weeks with a maximum of one trip/day, two trips/week, with a minimum of 2 miles round trip, and can only repeat locations once.

As I said at the start, this is my kind of cycling. The challenge was both achievable and difficult. With the frequency limits, I had to stay on top of it, but a 2 mile ride for coffee is not hard.

My rides went as follows:

  1. Espresso at ChocoLaté (post | Strava)
  2. Colada at Buena Gente (post | Strava)
  3. Macchiato at Dancing Goats (post | Strava)
  4. Cappuccino at Kaldi’s (post | Strava)
  5. Nitro milk stout with coffee at Little Cottage Brewery (post | Strava 1, Strava 2)
  6. Cappuccino at Spiller Park (post | Strava)
  7. Cappuccino at Guild + Journeyman (post | Strava)
Total distance
28.4 miles
Total time
3 hours
Favorite coffee
Spiller Park
Favorite vibes
Little Cottage Brewing
New to me locations
Buena Gente
Guild + Journeyman

I really enjoyed the challenge and look forward to participating again next year!